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Cointools keeps the application design easy to learn with features that keep it simple. Browse through thousands of crypto opportunities and keep your eye on the ball with our intuitive app.

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Connect your wallet

Using Metamask, you will have the ability to see your coins appear in your Cointools Portfolio automatically.


Manage your portfolio

Add tokens and keep track of your profit & loss. Your information is secure and your data only sits on your local machine.


Find opportunities

Find upcoming events and news that will help you project better what your stocks will do. Make better decisions.

Stay on-top of all crypto assets, in one place

Get started with your Technical Analysis and Market Research immediately without first needing to register your account.


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Market cap.


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Market cap.


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Market cap.


Use the familiar TradingView to get the best experience for your Technical Analysis. Alternatively switch to a different view.

Customisable market page

Two column? Three? Four? You decide how you want to experience our market page and which modules to show.

No account required

Start using the application free of charge and without an account, call it decentralized.

*Better experience when you do have an account

Tracking your coins comfortably on multiple networks

Switching your Metamask wallet from BSC to ETH and back again isn’t fun. We’re putting the puzzle pieces in place to solve switching back and forth so much.

Track and follow coins

Adding coins to your portfolio manually, you can decide how much information you enter without worrying about trading pairs.

Full-screen tracker

A detailed solution built to let you track many coins at once on a single screen experience with unique interactions.

Multiple networks

We will remember some of your unstored coin information, to allow for switching back and forth on networks.

*This information is remembered on your machine

Stay connected, earn and learn about crypto

Share with your friends, recommend crypto to your family, read about crypto currency and earn by holding our coin while doing it.

Learning Hub

Start or keep learning about how crypto-currency works. Introduce family and friends.

*Not financial advice

Share via Twitter

An easy & graphical way to share your crypto wins in a customistable, discrete way! Show-off by not showing the numbers off.

If you get what we mean...

Learn from professionals

Insights by industry professionals and a more technical aspect of how you can start creating your own project.

Earn while you learn

Our platform has a buy-back system that will use a large portion of our ad-revenue to buy-back stock, increasing its value.

*You must hold our coin to earn

Interested in Cointools? We're launching our coin soon and would love to have you as an early adopter.

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Within the sale period, there is no tax implementation. This will start only after an AMM listing. All unsold tokens will be burned.

0.5% Burn

For every transaction, 0.5% will be burned to increase the value of your tokens. Burning will stop at 21M tokens.

0.5% Eco-vault

0.5% of every transaction goes into our eco-vault that we will use for rewards.

80% Ad-Revenue Buyback

We are allocating 80% of ad-revenue profits back into the Cointools coin.


Project features and marketing roadmap for the year 2021

Q2 - 2021

New website

Launch branding for product

Token Sale

Seed & Public Sales, see tokenomics

Basic demo

Provide a public demo so you can test Cointools

Closed beta group

Early testers for the app

PancakeSwap Listing

12% of total supply will be added as liquidity

Listing on Coingecko

Listing on Coinmarketcap

Marketing campaign

We will start our marketing listing

Contract Audit

Our contract will get audited by TBD

Q3 - 2021

Release 0.1

The BETA version of our app goes public

Submit your own coin

New coin submission

All core concept features

Cointools proof of concept

Multi-network profiles

Track on ETH & BSC Networks

Buyback integration

Start seeing your rewards from holding our coin

Learning Pad

Community learning centre for crypto currencies and tokens


Start customising your experience even more with accounts

UX/UI Review

Refinement of user experience

Q4 - 2021

Omnichain Support

Added support for all blockchains (TBD)

Learning Enhancements

Partnerships to promote

Price Alerts

Get alerts on events for your tracked coins

You're early, want to find out how to get access in the sale?

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